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Why People Choose FEMS?

Discover the ease of FEMS in handling your fire extinguisher records through web and mobile application.


The FEMS report is designed to align with industrial standards, providing users with the flexibility to generate comprehensive reports according to specific criteria, such as companies and branches.


Never miss a fire extinguisher service! FEMS ensures you're on track with regulations by sending automatic email reminders 30 days and 7 days before the expiry date.

QR Code, NFC, and OCR Scanner

The latest technology scanner can easily scan the fire extinguisher serial number that allow the user to view the details and condition of the fire extinguisher using FEMS mobile app.


Technicians can effortlessly conduct inspections using our ready-made inspection templates. No more paperwork—go green and save trees. Fire contractor admins and clients can efficiently monitor task progress exclusively through FEMS.


Experience total control over your budget with FEMS! No monthly subscriptions, no yearly commitments—just pay for the number of records you want to store. Creating your FREE account and start manage your data effortlessly and cost-effectively.


Explore a seamless inspection experience with our Fire Extinguisher Management System's user-friendly interface. Our intuitive design ensures easy navigation, while visually engaging features simplify data interpretation.

Building Owner

Know your Vendor & Easy Access your Fire Extinguisher Details

  • Take control of your fire extinguisher records; manage them on your own or effortlessly assign any branch to a fire contractor for efficient management.
  • Utilize our mobile apps for a quick check of your fire extinguisher conditions using our powerful scanner.
  • Stay informed about your vendor inspection progress right at your fingertips.
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Fire Contractor

Oversee your Clients' Fire Extinguisher Records and Inspections with Seamless Management.

  • Manage all your clients' fire extinguisher records without the hassle of paperwork.
  • Generate industry-standard reports effortlessly.
  • Keep inspections organized and update fire extinguisher conditions with ease.
  • Elevate your fire safety processes with a user-friendly platform, making it simple and efficient for both you and your clients.
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What Clients Say?

Discover the voices of our satisfied clients as they share their firsthand experiences. Hear how our services have made a positive impact on their businesses and why they trust us for their Fire Extinguisher Records and Inspection Process. Real stories, real satisfaction – our clients speak for themselves.

Big shoutout to our fire contractor for seamlessly recording over 3400 fire extinguishers in FEMS for our Company. This systematic approach has greatly strengthened our safety measures. Many thanks to the entire team.


PLUS Malaysia Berhad

3400+ Fire Extingushers Recorded

Hats off to our diligent fire contractor for recording fire extinguishers in FEMS. This meticulous effort has significantly bolstered our safety protocols. Kudos to the team for their commitment to enhancing safety across our campus.



1700+ Fire Extinguishers Recorded

Thanks to our dedicated fire contractor and the user-friendly Fire Extinguisher Management System, our campus safety has soared to new heights with over 700 extinguishers recorded. A big thanks to all involved.


MONASH University

700+ Fire Extinguishers Recorded


Frequently Asked Questions

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Which plan is suitable for me?

Choosing the right plan depends on your specific needs. Our plans are designed to cater to various requirements. If you have a small-scale operation or want to explore the features, our basic plan might be suitable. For larger enterprises with more extensive needs, our premium plans offer additional benefits and scalability. Feel free to explore the details of each plan on our website, and if you need assistance in making a decision, our support team is here to help.

Will I get free future updates?

Absolutely! You'll receive free updates to ensure your experience stays top-notch. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're dedicated to keeping your system current with the latest features.

Do you provide support?

Certainly! Our support team is here to assist you. If you have any questions, concerns, or need help, feel free to reach out. We're committed to ensuring you have a seamless experience with our product, and our support is just a message away. Your success is important to us.

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Flexible Plans

Our Plans is Simple! Just purchase credits to increase the number of fire extinguisher records either you're building owner or fire contractor. 1 Credit = 100 Fire Extinguisher Records.
All other features are FREE!

RM 25

Up to 100 Fire Extinguisher records

Unlimited client, branch, location and staff records

Free Report Generator

Free Expiry Reminder

Lifetime Access

RM 199

Save RM 51

Up to 1,000 Fire Extinguisher records

Unlimited client, branch, location and staff records

Free Report Generator

Free Expiry Reminder

Lifetime Access

RM 1,999

Save RM 501

Up to 10,000 Fire Extinguisher records

Unlimited client, branch, location and staff records

Free Report Generator

Free Expiry Reminder

Lifetime Access

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