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Fire Extinguisher Management System

Now You May Find The Best Vendor To Service And Supply Fire Extinguisher In One Platform

Our vendors are certified, competent and fully trusted
More than 500 approved fire companies will provide the quotations to buy or service your fire extinguishers. So you may choose the best one.


Each fire extinguishers can be recorded easily through online platform. The advantage of FEMS is the system can be access through a variety of gadgets, and users can check the data no matter where they are.

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Expiry date for each unit of fire extinguishers can also be recorded to facilitate the work of servicing as well as give an email warning 30 days before the expiry date starting from the arrival of a fire extinguisher.

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Has a function to generate the report in its entirety or in accordance with the desired criteria such as certain branches, certain locations, certain Certificate expiry, the expiry date of the fire extinguisher cylinder and also types of fire extinguishers.

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You can get quotations from several companies, this mean you are in charge of the pricing. After FEMS send you a notification regarding Expiration, you can ask quotations through FEMS. Then, service provider from several companies will send their in instant. Pick the best deal among them!

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Why people choose FEMS?


Everytime your fire extinguisher need to be serviced based on regulation requirement, FEMS will send the reminder by email 30 days and 7 days before expiry date.


You will be impressed the way how FEMS maintain your Fire Extinguishers record. FEMS able to record the numbers, location, type of FE, Cylinder expiry date, service expiry date and many more.


The unique number of RFID/NFC sticker that embedded to the fire extinguisher allow technician to find the efies expiry date in the record.


You can monitor your order progress such as the status, assigned technician to your order, the progress of the order and many more.


FEMS provide this guarantee so you can manage your fire extinguisher with confidence! For full terms and conditions, read our Money Back Guarantee policy.

It's FREE!

FEMS has everything you need to manage your fire extinguisher effectively without even pays a lot. It's completely free, and easy to use!

Are You A Service Provider Or Are You A Consumers?

Worries no more, cause we created a platform that works for both of you. For The end users who are looking for the company that provide the service and supply fire extinguishers with a good quality and at the best price or even for a Service provider that looking for the clients and who want to manage they clients by using a online record management.

No more hustle in searching for fire extinguisher record.

All data can be recorded in FEMS.

FEMS helps those who are managing the fire extinguishers in a building to track the location of every fire extinguishers that exists in a building with ease. FEMS provides a search function to locate a fire extinguisher by including serial number record of fire extinguishers, manage multiple branch and locations, types of fire extinguishers, service expiry date, expiry date of fire extinguisher cylinder, RFID record system and the fire extinguisher certificate.

  • Service Expiry Date
  • Record Serial Number of Fire Extinguishers
  • Expiry Date of Fire Extinguisher Cylinder
  • Type of fire extinguishers
  • Manage multiple branch and locations
  • RFID Record System using RFID/NFC

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Now you can get a quotation in a matter of seconds. Choose from a varieties of companies and most importantly get the best deal offered. As easy as it sound!

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